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Perfect Circle Paintballs


Perfect Circle Paintballs Inc.

Some of the applications that
have used our products:

Tree markingPermanent marking paint with micro taggants
Permanent marking paint with printed tags
Clear silicone glue with radio ID tags
Non LethalWater balls being used in training by SWATOC Pepper powder
Simulant powder fills for training

At right: Water balls being used in training by SWAT.

RailroadPermanent paint marking of problem wheels on the fly
Permanent paint marking of bad spots in track on the fly
Movies90% of the sparkballs used in Hollywood are our shells
Police trainingWater-filled paintballs for use indoors without mess or cleanup
AgricultureGelatin fill to promote wasp species that preys on the Bark Beetle
Powder for various pest control situations
Animal IDSemi-permanent paint for marking cattle in herds
EducationalEmpty balls used in planetarium meteor impact exhibit